Baby Memory Book - The Book of You

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LittleLion Studio Baby Memory Book, The Book of You - A Beautifully Simple Keepsake Journal for Newborns First Year's Milestones Record – Shower your Loved ones with an Heirloom Gift


  • FITS ANY PICTURE SIZE up to 7 x 7.5 inches, while most photo albums have guides or frames where pictures must fit precisely, The Book of You is remarkably ADAPTABLE AND UNCOMPLICATED TO FILL OUT. It is THE PERFECT SOLUTION for the MODERN, BUSY PARENTS who still want TO CAPTURE and TREASURE their CHILD’S MOST SPECIAL LIFE MOMENTS.
  • 2 ENVELOPES attached: a small, TRANSLUCENT ENVELOPE for your baby’s first lock of hair and a LARGE, STURDY ENVELOPE to store special mementos like maternity bracelets, love notes from family and friends or anything your heart desires
  • 7 additional blank pages at the end of the book give you the freedom you need to tell your story, narrating the events which were meaningful to your family and as unique as your child
  • BIRTHDAY celebration pages up to year 5, so you can track your little bundle of joy blossoming into a toddler
  • 1 high quality BALLPOINT PEN to ensure long lasting, smear free, easily readable notes
  •  STURDY binding to withstand the test of time with enough ROOM to accommodate the natural expansion from added photos and mementos
  • Comes in a glossy white PROTECTIVE and ELEGANT box ready to be gifted


Babies grow at an amazingly fast pace during their first year of life. The moment babies emerge from the womb, they start observing, absorbing, trying, learning, adapting and repeating in this never ending adventurous cycle. The Book of You is the way to capturing the wonders of their growth in this remarkable first year.

No more feeling guilty for leaving their complicated journals unfinished. No more spending countless hours filling out detailed information on endless pages as if you were doing homework. Using smart prompts to inspire but not overwhelm, The Book of You will make documenting the special moments in the life of your baby a simple, fun and pleasant activity. It is up to you how much writing you should do, there is no too little nor too much! With beautiful colors, clean European-style modern graphics and your wonderful pictures, The Book of You is bound to become a cherished family heirloom.

Years from now, flipping through its pages, you will be transported back in time to this special moment of life which, you will notice, will have flown by.