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As with any wall decal, assembly/application is required but we believe a more appropriate term to be *Installation Required* since this is truly an Art Piece which will take any wall to Art Gallery status.

Although technically simple, proper installation of this piece requires care and patience due to its delicate and elaborate design. Be advised: this is not a “peel & stick”! Instead, this piece is made of digitally cut and manually finished vinyl which, once applied, reveals the background wall through the vinyl gaps, making it exquisite and delightful to appreciate from any distance; and distance is indeed a factor.

The Lion Portrait is perceived differently depending on distance, lighting and angle it is observed from. The closer you get, the more the portrait gives way to an indistinct mesh of shapes, elegant in their own right, but as you step away and put some distance from the piece, the lion slowly materializes while the individual shapes get lost in this optical effect. Watching the Lion Portrait change in accordance to distance, lighting and angle will capture the viewer’s attention and imagination.

This masterfully designed wall decal will perform differently based on background and foreground colors so, please, be mindful of your color selection to get the desired contrast against your wall color.