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Blossom Tree Wall Decals

Here we are at it again! This time around we are bringing a scent of Japan to your baby’s nursery and, why not, anywhere else in your home.
This is a small set of beautifully crafted wall decals themed on the majestic Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree. While covering a huge [...]

LuluDK Vouches for LittleLion Studio on THISNEXT

Anyone serious about Interior Design has come across the name Lulu deKwiatkowski or, as she is better known, LuluDK. Lulu [...]

scatter at will

LittleLion Studio’s January/2011 Catalog is not only about Black Label! Several new wall decals have arrived including old favorites in new layouts and sizes as well as brand new designs such as our ever elegant "Floral Ostrich".
Worth mentioning is the first incarnation of one [...]

Black Label, a concept in the foundry

"A tribute to lace, embroidery and eyelet fabric.
Based on the work of artisans dating back from the XVI century through our days, this collection is a modern take on the ancient tradition of intricate lace and embroidery. Trees, animals and human silhouettes dressed up in patterns and carves, evoking the qualities of [...]

Christmas is here!

Every year when the frights and scares of Halloween are past us we all get ready for Christmas decoration, which, in itself can be a daunting task, especially if you like to lit up the whole house. Out the door the sky is the [...]

from Canada, with love

Last night I had some late night fun manufacturing several color swatches to have ready for delivery when the need arises. I must confess that manufacturing physical products is a whole different ball game as opposed to dealing with bits and bytes only, like I got accostumed to in the past several years while losely [...]

LittleLion + ‘THE’COWZ = more options

LittleLion Studio Inc. has a new brand for wall decals: ‘THE’COWZ – not just any sticker.
Over the years, LittleLion has become more than just stock image and quickly matured into a brand with a clear identifiable style focused on children, nature and delicate feminine themes. Now that we are shifting from a strictly digital product [...]