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Every one who has ever worked servicing clients directly carries a bag of horror stories to tell. In my case that couldn’t be farthest from the truth since I have been blessed with great clients in the skin of some awesome people.
One such person is Jose Kok, founder of the Dutch company Wallaboo, specialized in [...]

Leaves 20 Seamless Pattern Set


Silence Is Golden

Silence is golden. Really! When working from home, one must learn to make do with the resources available at hand, unless of course, the will and the wallet are high and deep, respectively. My very own challenge was reaching silence nirvana but happily, solution was just an "adventure" away… [↓]

The [...]

Asanoha, an “Ode to Japan”

Not unusually, throughout time we get accustomed to symbols, glyphs and patterns so easily to the point of shamelessly ignoring their [...]


elcome to LittleLion Studio’s blog, or should I say welcome to my blog? Either way, you are very much welcome! Truth is it is a blurred line between myself, Leo, and LittleLion Studio at least for the time being. With that said, let me give you a [...]