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is the microstock business unsustainable?

Like thousands of other iStockPhoto contributors, on September 7 I was made aware of the shocking news of how that particular microstock agency will pay their contributors (funny adjective, since we are talking about the group responsible for the core part of the business) starting January 2011. If you don’t know [...]

Life In The Woods

The fifth installment of the "Baby Prints" collection brings a very important business implication for those who, like myself, sell Royalty Free licenses to the microstock market.
Unfortunately, once an image hits the microstock agencies, behind its sales hides an enormous number of irregular license uses. Honestly, I cannot put a number [...]

Queen Of Dots

So here it is. The first of a series of prints for all things baby: The "Queen Of Dots". From onesies to the nursery’s wallpaper, from birth announcements to cute blankets, the application of this print is as broad as your imagination.
Since several of my "baby" designs end up in children [...]

Is Microstock Illustration For You?

Microstock is a tough business for commercial illustrators, no doubt, but also a market in which one can strive and have as a bridge to more advanced projects. Let’s see the pros and cons of this venue:


It allows you to work from home at your own pace.
Low initial investment.
Possibility of lifetime earnings from [...]