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Hello earthlings, fear not, LittleLion is still here and still pumping, so don’t write us off just yet! ;-) The short absence is justifiable, read through if you will.

As most of you know by now, LittleLion Studio started as a hobby and as such, without rules, guidelines, best-practices and methods. [...]

Moonbeams In A Starry Night

It is funny how the mind plays tricks on us. When we dream everything is so clear, so real and maybe it is… what is reality after all? Yet, when we wake up the brain starts to flush away those memories and what once was so absolutely vivid becomes blurred and vanishes [...]

Need For Speed

"Au-au!" or "woof-woof!" as it is probably more suitable. Either way this is the story of a dog whom had "the need, the need for speed!". That is one reckless dog for sure. I tried to warn him about the consequences of all his crazy adventures… I told him "son, your [...]

Life In The Woods

The fifth installment of the "Baby Prints" collection brings a very important business implication for those who, like myself, sell Royalty Free licenses to the microstock market.
Unfortunately, once an image hits the microstock agencies, behind its sales hides an enormous number of irregular license uses. Honestly, I cannot put a number [...]

Breezy Meadows

Designing floral patterns for a baby collection is a highly subjective thing to do. Do flowers and floral arrangements really have an applicable,  predetermined age range

from a commercial standpoint? I would guess the answer is no, but a "no" which goes both ways: one can easily apply a supposedly "baby" floral [...]

O Barquinho

"Dia de luz, festa de sol e um barquinho a deslizar no macio azul do mar. Tudo é verão e o amor se faz, num barquinho pelo mar que desliza sem parar…"Calm oceans, smooth sailing, clear skies, endless shades of blue. A gentle breeze warmed up by a soft bright sun. Is the rocking of [...]

Bubbly Bear

"Bubbly Bear" is the second installment of the "Baby Prints" collection which, as the name suggests, caters for the ever growing "baby" market segment.
Talking about colors at this point would be an exercise in futility, so instead, I would simply like to share with you a bit of my reasons and [...]

Queen Of Dots

So here it is. The first of a series of prints for all things baby: The "Queen Of Dots". From onesies to the nursery’s wallpaper, from birth announcements to cute blankets, the application of this print is as broad as your imagination.
Since several of my "baby" designs end up in children [...]

Baby Prints

The seventh and last in the series of Baby Prints focused on this market segment has just been launched! Head over to "Moombeams In A Starry Night" and join me in the wanders of baby’s dream… [release post]

The sixth in the series of Baby Prints focused on this market segment has just been launched! Head [...]

Swan Lake

Nature, in its infinite wisdom, is by all means the greatest of all designers and among her designs (yes, nature must be a she!) is our notion of beauty which is not better nor worse than any other species’. It’s just ours.

Armed with this notion, I consider many animals beautiful in [...]

Repeats And Colorways

A few days ago on "Mosaic Forest" and "The Stationery Position" posts I briefly touched two especially important topics for seamless pattern design which I would like discuss a little further, if I may: repeats and colorways.
One of the limitations imposed on microstock clients while deciding upon which seamless pattern to pick, is the [...]

Mosaic Forest

In the brick and mortar world, I have been asked several times about how my images come to existence so I decided to unashamedly assume you would like to hear about it as well. This is how the process unfolds…In all fairness, each image has its own story and a different set [...]


As I said in my last post, it is really hard to find out where my stuff ends up being applied (and under which license), but when I do, most times, I am happy to report, they are used in items I wouldn’t mind have sitting in the living room, lying on the bed, hanging [...]

Leaves 20 Seamless Pattern Set


Asanoha, an “Ode to Japan”

Not unusually, throughout time we get accustomed to symbols, glyphs and patterns so easily to the point of shamelessly ignoring their [...]