Application and removal

How difficult is it to apply your wall decals?

Different designs have different levels of application difficulty. The larger and the more complex the design, the more care and attention will be required during application. That said, this is a highly subjective question due to the broad level of handiwork skills one might display. We do offer a small test decal with every order for practice, as well as a complete installation guide, troubleshooting tips and an installation tool. Even so, we always suggest having a second person available to help with the application.

Will your wall decals work on my textured wall?

Our decals are made for application on flat surfaces or slightly textured walls. Applying them to fully textured walls would be out of spec. That said, we have successfully applied our wall decals to orange peel and sandstone textured walls several times but beware of any pointy protuberance as they might perforate the vinyl or the adherence level may be considerably reduced. Since there is no measurement as to what a "slightly textured wall" is, you would have to use common sense when dealing with any type of textured wall and proceed at your own discretion and responsibility.

Can you send me a sample decal to test on my wall?

Unfortunately, we do not send out free samples, as this method to test adherence may lead to inconclusive results or downright misleading. Adherence levels are influenced not only by the area and subsequent weight of the vinyl but by the shape of the cut, as that will determine weight distribution and tension levels. So, for instance, a 20x20" piece might adhere perfectly to a textured wall but the same area in a different shape such as 5x80" might not. To complicate matters even further, a 5x80" might stick perfectly when applied horizontally but it may fall if applied vertically due to weight distribution and tension levels.

My wall is painted with washable paint. Will your wall decal stick?

Paints that are easy cleaning or washable including, Teflon, silicone and some latex coated paints, are designed to repel anything from sticking to them. Unfortunately this means that some of these paints may also reject the adhesive used for removable wall decals, especially the high quality designer vinyl for its purposeful low-tack spec. Cheap or outdoor vinyl carry considerably more glue, allowing them to stick to such paints but they are not easily removable without damaging the paint job. With a bit more persistence, this problem can, in most cases, be overcome simply by applying pressure and rubbing the decal a few times each day for the first week or so. You may also apply 3M Spray Mount to help accelerate and complete this process. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee this will work for all paint types due to variations in paint quality and wall surfaces.

Can your wall decal be reapplied?

Our wall decals are removable but not “repositionable” or “reusable”. Contrary to what one would logically assume, this is a product design choice, not a limitation. Reusable decals must be cut/printed on fabric based vinyl such as Photo Tex, which is much thicker than indoors vinyl. After a close inspection the difference is very noticeable, as in the sticker visually popping out of the wall. Opposite to that, we work exclusively with the highest quality indoors vinyl in the market today, Oracal Series 631 and 651 Exhibition Cal, which, being much thinner, allows for a smoother and flush with the wall result, giving the decal a “paint look” (especially with the matte colors).

Will your wall decal damage my paint job during removal?

The Oracal Series 631 Exhibition Cal is spec’ed as removable without causing any damage to paint jobs for up to two years. That said, in rare occasions damage may occur when the vinyl is applied out of spec or the wall is subject to substantial temperature changes (externally or internally, natural or artificial). One of the most common causes for such issues actually happen during application time when the wall decal is applied before the paint is properly cured. Please consult with a professional painter or your paint manufacturer before applying your decal after a paint job.

Can I have the size adjusted to fit my wall size?

Certain wall decals can have their size easily adjusted while others are not adjustable at all. Please consult with us before placing your order. A customization fee may apply.

Can your decals be applied in a different layout?

Almost all wall decals can be applied freely as they are composed of individual elements. The exception goes for a few monochromatic designs which require cutouts where two elements intersect.

I love your style and was wondering if you could make a custom order with my nursery’s theme or inspired on this other product?

We do not offer custom jobs and all our designs are absolutely original, created from scratch, with no “inspirational” products to refer to or any sort of interference.

I want to buy this wall decal but I just need the branches and leaves, not the whole design. How much is it going to cost?

Unfortunately, we do not break down our designs for their elements so you must purchase the complete wall decal and simply choose not to apply the elements you don’t want.