Free Download DIY Paper Mobile Five Platonic Solids

2019 Jul 29th

The worldly renowned Physician and Educator of the last century, Dr. Maria Montessori, created in her time a set of 8 mobiles to foster early learning on infants (the website “How We Montessori” has a great post on them!). Scattered all over the web are tutorials on how to replicate such mobiles, which can also be bought for assembly or ready to hang, on and off-line. Not only a great set of tools for babies’ development, the mobiles are also super fun to look at. That said, the little ones will eventually outgrow this initial set and sadly be left in a vacuum for what’s next. Worry no more! Here comes the “Five Platonic Solids” to the rescue!

Being that the proof resides in the pudding, we tried to come up with a (hopeful) Montessori approvable set of mobiles to our very own 9 month old bundle of joy based on the 5 geometric shapes prominently featured in Plato’s Philosophy (ergo, the Platonic Solids): Tetrahedron, Cube, Octahedron, Dodecahedron and Icosahedron. Yes, besides becoming the pillar of the Western Philosophy, Plato also found the time to tinker with mathematics… check this Wikipedia link to elevate your knowledge, if you are so inclined.

Long story short, the mobiles have been thoroughly approved by our little beta-tester so we created a .PDF file with the 5 Platonic Solids mobile ready to be printed, cut and assemble. Best of all, it’s FREE for your download pleasure!