When will my order ship?

Orders are processed in the sequence they are received. Our turnaround time averages around 2 to 5 business days. Once shipped, a tracking number will be made available, if applicable.

I noticed my order shipped several days ago and I haven’t received it yet. Can you please let me know when I will receive my package?

When your order was shipped, if applicable, you received a tracking number with which you can verify the status and estimate the delivery date of your package. Please, note we are not privy to any information other than the one provided on the Carrier’s tracking webpage and do not have privileged access to them. Any delivery estimates are provided by the Carrier and do not reflect any delays caused by Customs processing in the destination country.

I already paid for shipping and now I am being asked to pay this much more to get my order. Can you do something about it?

Any additional fees derived from importation, such as importation taxes, Customs duties, processing or brokerage fees are the customer’s sole responsibility. Furthermore, the customer must accept any delays caused by such processes and provide any additional information required by Customs Officials in the destination Country. Failure to comply will cause the package to be returned back to us and a new shipping charge will be required before the item can be shipped over again. If you feel you are being improperly charged, you must file a complaint with the organization who is charging you in your home Country. We will not refund refused, abandoned or unattended international shipments.

My packaged is severely damaged. What should I do?

In the occurrence of a shipping incident leaving visible damage, please refuse the package, if possible, and contact us immediately. If the package is accepted, please document the issue with pictures prior to and after opening the package, as these pictures will be required for a replacement order.

My package is slightly damaged and the wall decal looks wrinkled and creased. Will it still work?

Please, document the issue with pictures prior to and after opening the package in case a replacement is made necessary. That said, vinyl is inherently elastic and most times even heavily wrinkled or creased vinyl can be perfectly applied resulting in a flawless look. This is so because the bad looking creases and wrinkles are actually on the backing sheet and transfer tape used to sandwich the decal, while the vinyl itself is still easily conformable to the wall’s smooth surface, leaving no visible marks. We suggest that you try and apply the wall decal and in case the damage is irreversible, simply make a photographic record of the issue and send us the pictures. In turn, we will file an insurance claim and have a replacement sent over to you as soon as we can.