About our wall decals

What is LittleLion Studio?

LittleLion Studio Inc. is a Canadian small business which designs and manufactures baby nursery wall decals and personalized prints, working directly with end customers and a few select partners, shipping worldwide from Canada.

Our wall decals are made of the very best indoors decorative vinyl available in the market today, Oracal Series 631 Exhibition Cal, manufactured exclusively in the US and Germany.

We believe in originality. We believe in exclusiveness. We believe in ownership pride. Each and every decal is an **original in-house design**, fruit of vast experience, unbound creativity and meticulous attention to detail. We don’t just manufacture decals, we create them!

Are your products manufactured in a smoke free/animal free environment?

We are proud to say our shop is 100% smoke and animal free. Keep in mind that 3M’s masking tape used for application of our wall decals has a peculiar glue smell and if kept inside the box without “breathing” for an extended period of time, might develop a strong odor which might erroneously be classified as cigarette smoke. That said, once the decal is applied, the transfer tape is trashed, leaving no odor behind.

What are your wall decals made of? Are they toxic?

Our wall decals are made of vinyl which is, by nature, an industrially processed material derived from petroleum, meaning they are not an organic product. With that in mind, there are several different types of vinyl and we work exclusively with Oracal Series 631 Exhibition Cal, manufactured in the US and Germany, designed for indoors use. If you wish more information, please follow this link to the vinyl manufacturer website for this vinyl type:

Can your wall decals be harmful to my child?

Our wall decals are not toys and children of any age should not have direct contact with them. Parents and tutors should be especially aware of potential choking hazards in the case of young children or babies reaching for and peeling off small bits of vinyl from the wall, as this is a purposefully removable product. Under no circumstances will LitteLion Studio Inc. be held responsible for any health issues or fatal injuries derived from the use of our products.

Here is what our customers are saying about our wall decals:

"Very quick shipment! Easy to install & everyone comments how adorable it looks. Multiple people have asked if it is hand-painted, they can't tell it's a decal."
Lisa Gilbert

"Incredible!!! These decals make my daughters room look like its right out of a magazine, we are SO pleased. Thanks!!!"
Kate Fleming

"Looks seamless on the wall -- you have to inspect very closely to even realize the design isn't painted on! Though it took some time to place onto the wall, it was virtually foolproof. I can only imagine that lower quality decals would have been a huge mess to apply. So glad we sprang for these decals!"
Laura Winitsky

"The decal was exactly how I wanted with the color I selected. My nursery is completely unique from other nurseries. I'm in LOVE"
Luisana Cavallo

"Best quality wall decal I've ever used. Easy to apply. Fast delivery! Looks so cute on my daughter's wall."
Marie Foster

"In love with these decals. They are extremely easy to put on the wall and look beautiful once applied. Our nursery was completely transformed into a fun and playful space."
Caitlin Smith

"Prompt and professional customer service, shipping to Australia was very straightforward. The decal looks amazing and seems to be great quality. I'm very happy with the finished result in our baby's room. Thanks!"
Rachael Kin

"Wow, we love it! We were super impressed with the decal, as well as the customer service and ability to customize our order without any hassle. We would highly recommend this company to anyone interested in decals. The bonus was the tracking of the package in the post, so easy to follow and notified when it arrived. Thank you so very much!!"
Blayne West

"Amazing! This takes a couple hours to put up because all of the elements are separate, but well worth the time when it's all done. We've already had several compliments!"
Megan Dana

"In love with these decals! Our baby room is officially adorable!"
Meredith Glendening

"This is the second time I have ordered wall decals from LeoLittleLion. Previously, I ordered some a year ago. Comparing them to other wall decals I ordered, these are very high quality. The design is spot on. Plus, this company gives you a decal to practice your application technique. If you follow the directions, it isn't difficult at all. I am very satisfied with this company."
Gregg Stolinski

"This looks FANTASTIC!!! I love it - looks original, unique, and professional."
Dina Carr